Body Bach


"Stylistically, Marjorie Becker has developed a truly fabulous way of simultaneously weaving and unraveling narratives so that time braids with and upon itself, her meditation on the past become also, therefore, meditations on the present.  Marjorie Becker’s poetic lines are like strings of silver web thrown out into the world until a full tapestry is spun that is so delicate and so dense that we are able to see within its shimmerings, its mirror, our reflections alongside those multiple images of the speaker herself."
- David St. John


"These poems are just soft enough to seduce, yet ripped from the heart of deep song. Affecting, beautiful, remarkable."
- Chris Abani


"Infused with memories of Spain, Georgia, the Caribbean and Latin America, Marjorie Becker’s Body Bach is a book-length meditation on the response of the body and the spirit to beauty, to pain. Becker’s poetry is lush, exotic, erotic.  She uses deep images of water, jewels, costume and dance to pull us into realms of the unconscious. The journey through this fine book is one to be savored and remembered."
- Susan Terris

Body Bach by Marjorie Becker

Publisher Tebot Bach

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